LSD Program

Supporting academic researchers with LSD to further the development of psychedelic medicines

Ceruvia Lifesciences, LLC provides pharmaceutical grade LSD at minimal cost to qualified, eligible academic clinical investigators so that they may continue to advance the scientific and medical understanding of psychedelics. 

Before any material can be provided, there is an application process that must be followed. It is briefly described below and the documents that you need to provide for review are available on this site. They can be downloaded, completed and returned. All documents should be returned to

  1. Please complete the standard Ceruvia NDA form. Once the fully executed NDA is in hand, you can begin to provide the remaining documents.
  2. Fill out the Initial Protocol Application  and include the following documents upon return:

    • CVs of the PIs and sub-PIs
    • Protocol synopsis or draft/final protocol
    • Informed Consent Form
    • IRB approvals (if any)
    • Quantity of LSD being requested
    • DEA (or other country) Licensing information (LSD is a controlled substance in most countries)

All applications for investigational drugs are subject to regulatory and ethics approval, Ceruvia Lifesciences approval, and the terms and conditions of the investigational drug or investigational materials supply agreement. All requests are subject to availability.  

Investigators are responsible for all required regulatory submission costs (if applicable), shipping costs, and other logistical expenses. Please note that compliance with region-specific requirements (e.g., QP certification) is also the responsibility of the Investigator.   

Ceruvia Lifesciences will provide the following documentation:

  1. Standard supply agreement
  2. LSD safety data sheet
  3. Certificate of analysis (cGMP) 
  4. Necessary drug-related regulatory submission information (IND 3.2.S Drug Substance or equivalent CTA information)
  5. Investigator Brochure

Note: Ceruvia Lifesciences does not offer clinical, or regulatory advice.

For questions or additional information, please contact

Ceruvia Lifesciences

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