Our Clinical Studies

Supporting clinical research for regulatory approval of psychedelic medicines to treat OCD and other disorders

Ceruvia is sponsoring a study to treat OCD with Psilocybin. Eligible participants will meet the DSM-5 criteria for OCD and have a minimum Yale Brown Obsessive Compulsive score of 19 at Screening and Baseline. Approximately 105 participants will be enrolled at around 12 sites in the US. We are so very fortunate to have the Yale OCD Research Clinic in the Yale School of Medicine/Psychiatry as our Lead Site on this study. That site will be led by Dr. Chris Pittenger and supported by Dr. Ben Kelmendi.

At this time we have sites in the following states:

⦁ California
⦁ Connecticut
⦁ Florida
⦁ New Jersey
⦁ New York
⦁ North Carolina
⦁ Pennsylvania
⦁ Rhode Island
⦁ Texas

Photo credit: Catalin Pop, Unsplash

For those participants who do not live in any of the states where our study is located, you should look at the clinical trials website.  Here you can search all studies recruiting participants for many different conditions. This also includes global studies.

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