Changing the paradigm for headache disorders and Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

Piloting Studies and Promising Research


NYPRG-101: Promising efficacy without hallucinogenic effects


  • NYPRG-101 (BOL-148) is a non-hallucinogenic analog of LSD originally developed as a placebo
  • Results from a pilot study in Cluster Headache suggest long-term efficacy following brief treatment
  • Safely administered pre-clinically & clinically (~300 humans)

SYNP-101: Building on promising research at leading universities



    • SYNP-101 is a synthetic form of the naturally occurring compound, psilocybin, found in at least 200 species of mushrooms
  • For over a decade, thousands of cluster headache sufferers have self-medicated using psilocybin with exceptional results
  • Psilocybin has been shown to be safe when administered in a therapeutic setting

Development Pipeline

Ceruvia Development Pipeline

Developing breakthrough treatments for disorders with a high unmet medical need

Since 2017, Ceruvia Lifesciences, founded by Carey Turnbull, has relentlessly focused on the discovery, development, and commercialization of psychedelic medicines to deliver meaningful relief to patients suffering from hard-to-treat headache disorders and Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.

But the story started over ten years ago. Carey was fascinated by psychedelic science and the potential good these overlooked psychedelic compounds could do for millions suffering from neurological disorders.

Since 2010, Turnbull has contributed, both as a fundraiser and individual donor, over $29 MM to psychedelic research.


Establish closely held company to develop BOL-148


Becomes primary funder of landmark NYU psilocybin for cancer anxiety trial


BOL-148 patents licensed to new entity, Savant HWP partial ownership with C Turnbull


Funds largest psychedelic clinical trial in 50 years, using psilocybin to treat Alcohol Use Disorder


Establishes and funds psilocybin research program at Yale to treat multiple indications


BOL-148 research project transferred to CH-TAC for further development

Forms non-profit B.More to develop Psilocybin to treat addictive disorders


Secure Usona psilocybin for use in commercial trials


Ceruvia Lifesciences becomes the official name of CH-TAC

Ceruvia Lifesciences becomes the world’s first manufacturer of GMP LSD and GMP BOL-148

Ceruvia Lifesciences

Transformational Medicines for Neurological & Psychiatric Disorders